Footloose and fancy free in the Big Apple Unbashed fans of superstar Shahrukh Khan, my daugther and I set out on our personal pilgrimage, retracing the various places in the city where he has serenaded his leading ladies in smash hits including Kal Ho Na Ho and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. It has been over a decade since Shahrukh, resplendent in white, brought much stardust to Brooklyn Bridge as he rested his slight frame against […]

Sojourn in Summer KERALA IN MARCH? Are you out of your mind? You might as well head for a holiday in Rajasthan, my closest friends said last month as I revealed my plans to take off on a much-needed holiday with my family. The relentless pace of life has meant that our three-member family – my spouse, teenage daughter and myself – hardly ever even find time to have a relaxed meal together and suddenly […]

Your footprints on our souls I woke up this morning to the feel of your warm, big hands in mine as you sat next to me and ran your hand on my head and smiled , that great , warm, loving smile of yours that instantly touched the soul. “All will be well, my child,” you said and I felt like I was back home with you in that quaint house by the tracks where […]

Enough, no more Freeloaders please!! Come February and every year, just as surely as my glinting greys start showing within 10 days of an expensive hair colour, my inbox is chockfull of emails from corporate houses, big and small, who want to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’. “Dear Ms. Menon……. We would be privileged to have you come to our campus and deliver a keynote address at our annual women’s day event. You are a source […]

Travails of a Traveller There are travelers and travelers and then there is me. The night before I have to travel out of town, I have the jitters. I toss and turn in bed, wander around in the middle of the night to ensure I have carried my identity proof, print out of the tickets and enough money ( yes, I belong to the old world). I get back into bed and toss for another […]