What My Father Taught Me…. It is Father’s Day this week and even though we never celebrated it when he was alive, I have been thinking these past few days about who this man was who had such a huge impact on our lives and about the things that he taught us so effortlessly. Maybe it is a fond daughter’s idolization of her father but growing up, just watching acchan weave his way through life […]

Musings from a reluctant roti maker The other night, as Constant Companion aka Hassled Harry snored away on his side of the bed, I lay, tossing turning and sweating away. For once, it was not my menopausal hot flush. This was much worse. I felt breathless and there was a  strange tightness around the chest. I woke up above- mentioned companion who turned in his sleep and growled : “You are not having a heart […]

My mother is a serial entrepreneur The maternal relative never ceases to amaze me. Not a week goes by when she has not come up with a bright new idea that sets her buzzing with adrenaline and leaves me quavering in a corner, from simply listening to her grand new plans. “Do you know of any builder,” she asked me rather casually the other day. She might not know I know this, but the moment […]

How to be heard in a roomful of men who hog the limelight? We have all been in office meetings from hell at one point or the other where your only role has been to sit and listen to a series of male colleagues express themselves loudly and endlessly while you wait for your turn. And no surprises for guessing that none of the cues that you sent out- tapping your fingers restlessly on the […]

Enough, no more Freeloaders please!! Come February and every year, just as surely as my glinting greys start showing within 10 days of an expensive hair colour, my inbox is chockfull of emails from corporate houses, big and small, who want to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’. “Dear Ms. Menon……. We would be privileged to have you come to our campus and deliver a keynote address at our annual women’s day event. You are a source […]