What My Father Taught Me…. It is Father’s Day this week and even though we never celebrated it when he was alive, I have been thinking these past few days about who this man was who had such a huge impact on our lives and about the things that he taught us so effortlessly. Maybe it is a fond daughter’s idolization of her father but growing up, just watching acchan weave his way through life […]

My mother is a serial entrepreneur The maternal relative never ceases to amaze me. Not a week goes by when she has not come up with a bright new idea that sets her buzzing with adrenaline and leaves me quavering in a corner, from simply listening to her grand new plans. “Do you know of any builder,” she asked me rather casually the other day. She might not know I know this, but the moment […]

Bonding over baking…. Sometimes, the simple act of baking a cake together is all it takes to build bridges. For the past 5 years I watched with pride and joy as my daughter  studied in Mumbai and London, embarking on her journey to become a patissiere from the iconic Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. I could not believe that the little girl who pottered around in the family kitchen had finally fulfilled that dream and […]

Your footprints on our souls I woke up this morning to the feel of your warm, big hands in mine as you sat next to me and ran your hand on my head and smiled , that great , warm, loving smile of yours that instantly touched the soul. “All will be well, my child,” you said and I felt like I was back home with you in that quaint house by the tracks where […]

One summer afternoon, around April of 1963, I returned home after my typing class to find 3 pairs of stranger’s shoes outside the door of our apartment in Ghatkopar. Strangely enough, Acchan’s shoes were also outside the door, neatly arranged along the wall, in his trademark style. That was unusual  because he had left for work on the dot of 8 this morning , after his usual breakfast of 4 idlis with coconut chutney and […]